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Jason Statham redoes the “22 Pushup Challenge”

Director and writer Guy Ritchie nominated our favorite Brit the first time around. However, Jason was not amused when he watched Mr. Ritchie’s videos on Instagram and said he was short of three push ups in total, which he insisted on donating. We love their banter even more so because it’s for an important cause. After Jason posted the new video, Mr. Ritchie left a comment below it saying, “Think ya funny don’t cha?” Oh yes, we think he absolutely is and now we are hoping this will turn into a push up battle between the two of them, if it already hasn’t.

To honor those who serve and to raise awareness for veteran suicide. Real heroes that need help.
@22pushupchallenge #22kill @guyritchie

Posted by Jason Statham on Wednesday, September 21, 2016

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Jason Statham poses for more photos in Auckland, New Zealand

While exploring some of down under in between filming “Meg,” our favorite Brit stopped by at some coffee places and went go-karting last week. As you can imagine, wherever he goes people know who he is and he is always so gracious to take photos.

@annareeve_: Paying for my parking and there is a big fuss from the girls behind the counter about the gentlemen in front of me in a beanie. One word out of his mouth and I knew it was @jasonstatham. Jay has a pretty big man crush on the guy so had to ask for a selfie too. Nice guy and in NZ till December shooting ‘Meg’ with Jays old MTV co host @rubyrose.

Coffee place owner Andy JV: Coffee is a bit of a ritual you know? People weren’t harassing him…it was all very casual and he was on his own, no minders or anything like that.

He was here to shoot and movie and he was just singing praises about the local film industry and the people that worked in it.

He was only here for ten minutes, having a yarn, all very casual. I don’t think he had the time to sit around.

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Jason Statham: If they make me the next Bond they won’t have to pay for a double

Skylife chatted with our favorite Brit about “Mechanic: Resurrection,” his strong work ethic, staying fit and healthy, and his interest in becoming the next James Bond. Such a great interview that highlights why we admire Jason.

You’re an assassin in the movie but the audience loves your character. What do you think makes Arthur Bishop so likeable?

It’s true. I’m a dutiful assassin in the movie but that’s in the DNA of action movies. The good and the bad confront one another, or the good may have to do bad things but become the heroes anyways. The latest movie of the series shows different sides of Arthur. I think the audience will love him even more.

You’ve always been praised for your professional ethics.

Yes, and I’m not going to be humble about that. I started acting at a very late age, I was in my 30s. My father was a mine worker. So this code for professional ethics is something I inherited from my family. It’s very important for me to arrive early on set and leave late, examine the script, and stick to my diet and exercise schedule.

What do you pay attention to in your diet and exercise regime?

I diligently stick to my diet. It’s rich in protein and lacks sugar and any kind of chemicals. I have a varied exercise schedule. I control my body and I’m doing the best I can do to keep it at the ultimate level.

You’ve openly expressed your desire to be the new James Bond.

Yes, I’m British and was a fan of James Bond movies while I was growing up. I always loved the cars, the setting, and the guns in James Bond movies since I was a kid. If they make me the next Bond they won’t have to pay for a double (laughs). So it’ll cost them less money!

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Jason Statham at the “Mechanic: Resurrection” press junket

The interviews took place in Los Angeles, California at the end of August. Our favorite Brit had a lot of interesting things to say in regards to filming and doing his own stunts.

Continue reading… Jason Statham at the “Mechanic: Resurrection” press junket

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Press conference photos of Jason Statham and clip of “Mechanic: Resurrection”

On August 19, 2016, our favorite Brit took care of his promotional duties and talked with reporters about his latest film at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

Jason also known as Arthur Bishop is confronted with Jessica Alba’s very dangerous character Gina. Let’s say the pleasure is definitely not his.