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“Wild Card” Review: Classy Jazzy Jay

I was able to have the chance to watch “Wild Card” and let me say this: nobody does it better than Jason Statham. Though most people would think the film was bad, I actually thought it was good and decent overall. The acting from the cast was pretty good. The setting and the music made the whole movie look so classy.

Narrowing down to the details, I know for a fact that Jason has potential. When I watched “Expendables 3,” I was disappointed. When I heard negative reviews for “Wild Card,” I was skeptical and worried that I would be disappointed again, but I wasn’t this time. People just don’t see what Jason is capable of.

Throughout the movie there were many sides to his character; the good side, the dark side, the soft side and lastly the badass side. He kept it cool while some of the characters acted like a bunch of wussies. However, the chemistry between Jason and Dominik García-Lorido was great even when Dominik’s character Holly cared about Jason’s character Nick.

Though Jason produced this movie and acted throughout most of it, let’s not forget those fight scenes. When it came to the first fight scene, I was like, “Make your move”. I was a little displeased with the first fight scene probably because it was mostly in slow-motion, but the last fight scene was so good it was even graphic at some parts.

Overall, this movie was decent in a good way. It gave Jason a little boost since it is his first solo in a year.


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