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Vin Diesel goes into detail about his “epic fight scene” with Jason Statham in “Fast and Furious 7”

After Vin Diesel mentioned on his Facebook Page that he suffered a minor concussion from a “Fast and Furious 7” scene with Jason Statham, fans were more than curious to find out what exactly had happened that day. Today Vin Diesel opened up about it, sharing more information about this rather painful head-on confrontation.

Spoilers ahead!

We were day two into what will be the most epic fight scene…

The minor concussion… how did it happen?

I was lying face down at one point in the sequence, and I had to elude the next lead pipe swing to the head… so I pushed off the ground to leap back just in time to avoid the swing by the Shaw character. When I did, I hit the side of the car with such force that my head dented it, haha… the whole sound stage heard it. When the director yelled cut, I got up and checked playback… and then opted to do it again.

P.s. What an intense week, and despite our battle wounds, a scene was created that both Jason and I will be proud of for the rest of our lives…

That’s true commitment right there, and we are sure it will shine through on the big screen. We love the boys for keeping it real! It always makes the biggest difference in any film.


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