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Turkish and Hungarian fans can’t get enough of Jason Statham

And who can blame them, right?

The first photo comes from Kagan, a “huge Turkish fan of Jason Statham,” who met our favorite Brit on April 13, 2014 in front of his hotel in Budapest, Hungary. He granted us permission to share his cool photo and also had a few things to say about his encounter with Jason.

I guess I am really lucky :) I had a chance to meet him twice and took pictures twice. At those moments, I felt very excited as he is my favourite actor and that I am a huge of his. But now I have this weird feeling like I am asking myself “have I really met him ?” :) It’s hard to believe it.

The second snapshot comes from our lovely Hungarian friend, Eniko, who already met Jason Statham on the day he arrived in her lovely country. She caught him again on April 21, 2014 at the Budapest airport when he returned from his Easter holidays.

I met Jason again! :) This time at the Budapest airport when he arrived back this afternoon. I work at the airport and someone helped me go. Inside the transit area and he was very kind and stopped for a photo. :)

Jason Statham is currently in Budapest, Hungary, filming his newest project “Spy,” written and directed by Paul Feig.


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