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Towing Company “Transporter Towing” gives a shout out to Jason Statham

One of our regular visitors, Tim Heitz, is such a big admirer of Jason Statham’s work that he named his Los Angeles-based towing company “Transporter Towing.” How awesome is that? So, of course, we had to feature him on our website, and he also shared a few photos with us. We especially like the tagline: Locked. Loaded. Ready to Roll.

Tim Heitz: I’ve been hooked on Jason Statham movies ever since the first Transporter and have seen everyone of his movies ever since then I’m a big fan of his style of fighting, so when I decided to start my own towing company in 2012 the name had to be Transporter Towing and that’s how it all started.

All my friends and other towing companies they all call me the Transporter, I’ll pretty much tow anything anywhere no questions asked.

So if Jason Statham ever needs a tow anywhere in California we will tow him for free anytime and always!

You can “Like” his towing company’s official Facebook Page at


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