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Tony Jaa talks Jason Statham and “High Value Target”

Thai martial artist and actor Tony Jaa recently did a Q&A on his official Facebook Page. While he couldn’t confirm anything official yet, he did mention doing a new film at the end of this year and working with Jason Statham on “High Value Target.”

Andrea Rupp Vilaychith: Will you be in any more American movies soon? We love our action movies! I do watch the thai ones too

Tony Jaa Official: Shooting one at the end of the year

William Smith: Hey Tony huge fan, I heard a rumor that u and Jason statham were doing a film together, is there any truth to this? I sure hope so. You are the most impressive all around fighter I have ever seen!!

Tony Jaa Official: Hmmm I did see a poster so …………….

JJ Aylyng: Do you have any upcoming films? Is it true that you are going to costar in a movie with Jason Statham?

Tony Jaa Official: wait and see

“High Value Target” is still under development and the film’s first promotional poster debuted at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.


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