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Three Ohio students put together catchy Jason Statham parody song Gangnam Style

We are always amazed by the incredible creativity some Jason Statham fans possess and gladly feature their work on our site. So today we are thrilled to introduce you to three very talented people (Jillian, Dylan and Eric) from Ohio, who put together a brilliant Jason Statham parody song Gangnam Style.

Jillian also took the time to tell us a bit more about herself, Dylan, and Eric, and how this great project came to life.

Jillian: This song is something that has been in the works for a while now. The actual song was written and recorded last summer.

The lyrics for Jason Statham style were written by aspiring photographer and videographer Eric Lombardo (Pixel Perfect Media) and aspiring producer and composer Dylan Spitz ( Both Dylan Spitz and Eric Lombardo are Music Technology students at Capital University in Bexley, Ohio.

Myself, Dylan and Eric came up with the idea on a whim after a day of hanging out and throwing ideas out for something we could do as a fun summer project. Dylan and I love anything Jason Statham. Most of our entertainment time is spent watching the latest Jason Statham movies. It is safe to say that we have seen every single one of his movies by now. We know Jason Statham has a minor connection to Columbus, OH. He filmed the opening scene of Parker at the Ohio State Fair a few years ago, and he just visited Columbus for the Arnold Class this weekend. We want him to know his fans here appreciate him.

After the song was recorded, we started scripting out the scenes for a parody video to go along with the song. This video is still in the works, and we would love to finish it up and release it if we were to gain over 1,000 views on our YouTube page. The video consists of two guys, one super manly, and one not so manly, training to be like Jason Statham. Over the course of the video they are competing for the same girl (The sexy lady in the lyrics), and at the end of the song they receive a HUGE surprise.

Ultimately we would love for Jason Statham to listen to our song, and view our future video. We are huge fans of everything that he does, and it would be amazing if he could at least have a little laugh about our hilarious song.

You can hear both Dylan and Eric in the song. Eric is the primary vocalist, and Dylan is the voice that says, “Jason Statham Style”. The song was obviously recorded to be a parody of Psy’s popular hit, Gangnam Style, and we own no rights to the instrumental behind the lyrics.

My name is Jillian Cameron and I am a Public Relations & Marketing Communications student at Ohio Dominican University. Dylan is my boyfriend of 5 years, and Eric my friend. Together, we came up with the idea for this hilarious video, and now I am just trying to spread the word so others can laugh about it just like we did.

There is no question about it that we would LOVE to see the finished video, so please share it with everyone you know. They certainly deserve to get recognized for their superb work and dedication, and we are sure Jason Statham would love their project as much as we do.


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    1. So creative and inspirational. We just love seeing his admirers so motivated to create something so cool.

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