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The Expendables 3: Sylvester Stallone promises a big surprise and teaser poster revealed at Cannes Film Festival

Once again, Sylvester Stallone turned to the Twitterverse and shared some more “The Expendables 3” updates via his official Twitter.

Scouting eastern Europe and Asia …we are going all out on this one … Could be a big surprise!!

What’s the plan? Ask Jackie Chan….

Mighty Mickey is back…………

Talked to WESLEY today … He can not WAIT to fight to the top again !!!!!!! Over…

The addition of Jackie Chan and Wesley Snipes would be fantastic, and we would love to see Jason Statham reunite with Wesley Snipes after their movie “Chaos” in 2005. We are also thrilled to learn that Mickey Rourke will be back to reprise his role as Tool and can’t wait until everyone’s involvement is officially confirmed in form of a press release.

Meanwhile, the first teaser poster for “The Expendables 3” was revealed at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival (Courtesy of, which finally gives us an idea about the plot but also makes us wonder about the “boy” and who is going to play him. Thoughts?



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