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Steven Knight about Jason Statham in Redemption aka Hummingbird: He’s a great actor and he was so committed to the role

“Redemption” aka “Hummingbird” director/writer Steven Knight chatted with about Jason Statham’s role in the film. Below is an excerpt from this very interesting interview that was released at the end of September.

How was he about working on the more emotional character work in the film?

SK: That’s what he wanted to do – that was the reason he wanted to do the film. He loved the script and he loved the fact that it changed him to do stuff that he knows he can do. He’s a great actor and he was so committed to the role. We went and met British veterans from Afghanistan, plus we went to homeless charities and met a lot of homeless people and he took it all and brought it to the role.

The relationship between Joey and Sister Cristina walks the line romantically – was it difficult to balance all sides of their complex chemistry?

SK: Yeah. I mean the film is based on a true story so the reality of the relationship is there, but it’s a challenge to have Jason do that. I think he pulled it off so well. Plus Agata Buzek who plays Sister Cristina is such a gentle lovely person and there was a great chemistry between the two.

You can read all of the interview here.


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