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Seven seconds of Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson in “Furious 7”

The latest seven seconds of “Furious 7” clip teases the epic fight scene between Jason Statham and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and their flying fists. April 3rd is near and then we’ll finally get to watch our favorite Brit on the big screen bringing the pain to Vin Diesel and gang.

Hobbs brings the pain in the latest #7Secondsof7. #Furious7

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8 Comments on “Seven seconds of Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson in “Furious 7””

  1. The caption should have been written “Shaw brings the pain”instead.You know Jason’s blows are as strong as an ox and painful which Johnson lacks this characteristic and if you have paid attention,Johnson”s stomach is not as muscular as Jason’s.and not only that Jason throws a punch on one of his arms which could have a devastating impact on arms,no matter how muscular his arms are as long as Jason hits hard and knows hard blows are sensitive to arms.Therefore being technical and skillful overcomes the size of the body.

    1. Yes, we agree with you about the caption.

      However, we don’t know much about how much pain someone would feel if he was built like The Rock, so your observation and explanation make a lot of sense to us. We never looked at it this way and thought since The Rock is buffer than Jason, he would also feel less if he got hit. So thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Iman. We learned something new.

      1. My pleasure!Better said arms are sensitive to hard blows.You can test it on yourself by punching one of your arms.I do hope Jason will perform his frequent blow,knee kick both on The Rock and Vin Diesel especially on the head and should that happen,they will definitely feel the pain.I also remember reading an interview with Jason that you posted in early summer saying he has been trying to develop explosive power, core strength and coordination.

        1. Oh, that changes everything then. And we are sure Jason will go all out in this one. A while back, Vin Diesel said that he got injured when he did the fight scene with Jason Statham and he is massive too. So there is a lot to look forward to in the seventh installment.

  2. Not sure what you mean but I just tried to say it doesn’t matter a lot how much you are built when you are highly skilled in martial arts with a lot of power,speed and accuracy and knows how to break a bone and vital points which could lead to paralysis or even death.By the way Vin Diesel suffered a minor concussion because he slammed into a car by pushing off the ground,not by Jason.

    1. We meant that we don’t know much about martial arts and that it changes our whole thinking now since we were under the impression that a lot of muscles would reduce the pain from the blows. You sound like someone very invested in it and knowledgeable about it, so thanks for clarifying it and explaining it so we would understand.

      Yes, we weren’t referring to Jason having hurt Vin Diesel. We just meant they were both in a fight scene or doing a scene together when Vin got hurt.

      1. I’ve practiced martial arts for a few years but my real start was when I learned about Jason Statham.Wondering if Jason is aware of your amazing site.

        1. That is amazing, Iman. No wonder you know so much more about it, and we love how Jason Statham inspires you. Thank you for your kind words. We are wondering the same.

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