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“Redemption” aka “Hummingbird” director Steven Knight praises Jason Statham’s energy and power

Den of Geek had the chance to talk to “Redemption” aka “Hummingbird” director Steven Knight about the story behind the film, how long it took to come together on the big screen and how Jason Statham was the perfect fit for the role. Below is an excerpt from this very interesting interview.

Steven Knight about Jason Statham: Well, like you I’ve always thought that there’s this horrible English class thing about anyone with a London accent and that’s why they get, I think, pushed into certain directions – it’s not the ’60s any more, where Michael Caine can break out, you know, but people like to put others into categories and like you I’ve always thought that his work was brilliant. I think of him as like Lee Marvin, where you have this person who’s just a force, as well as being an actor and that it’s the force, that energy and power inside that really makes the performance work and it survives anything.

It survives even a not particularly good script, if that’s what happens, but I think he’s brilliant and this was confirmed, because before I directed I asked the advice of all the directors I’ve ever worked with and they all gave me these great pearls of wisdom and one of them was David Fincher, who said he thought Jason Statham was the only person to play this role so, well, there you go.

To read the complete Q&A with the director, visit this link.


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