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Read “The Expendables 3” set reports by JoBlo, IGN, Collider and ComingSoon, IGN, Collider and ComingSoon were invited to “The Expendables 3” set in September 2013 in Sofia, Bulgaria and released their very interesting as well as teasing set reports today. We have put together our favorite excerpts from all four websites, so make sure to head over to them and read each set report in its full length.

Spoilers ahead!


[Wesley] Snipes character will be a “knife guy” and have a rivalry in that respect to [Jason] Statham’s character throughout the film.

Via IGN:

Sylvester Stallone: “Everyone has this conjecture that action films are somewhat… less prestigious than dramatic films. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve done them both and this is hard and dangerous. I mean, Jason [Statham] here nearly drowned to death – lucky he’s a great swimmer.”

Via Collider:

The cast will be going to Cannes and Comic-Con to promote the film.

Via ComingSoon:

Sylvester Stallone: “We have the opening scene which is the extraction of Wesley from the most heavily fortified, armor plated train, via helicopter, and it’s real. So you’re going to see something that’s not CGI, so it’s pretty extraordinary.”

J.J. Perry [fight choreographer and stunt coordinator]: “We did a oner, a long piece with Jason and Antonio Banderas coming out of The Block (a location in the film) on their way out and we had eighteen stunt guys, four repelling in, and another fourteen popping up. So we had Banderas spraying seven and Jason spraying seven, we did it all in one shot. It took us three takes to get it, but we were well rehearsed. That was a big deal.”

J.J. Perry: “He does a sequence where he gets to a certain point but he takes out guys with hand grenades, like we’re blowing guys back on wires with pyro, there’s a lot of elements going on there. So you have pyro happening, big explosions with guys on wires on pneumatic ratchet systems, Jason throwing and shooting at the same….So we have a lot of big stuff in this one, not just with punching and kicking but with a lot of variable elements, gun fire, pyrotechnics , etc.”

Of all the members of the cast, J.J. spoke the most highly of Statham, with whom he has worked multiple times in addition to being his kick boxing partner when the pair are in Los Angeles. Even when unprompted by a question, Perry couldn’t help but be complimentary on Statham’s work ethic and abilities.

J.J. Perry: “Jason does all his own stuff man, he is a freak. I’ve done four films with him and I’ve got to tell you he is a choreography freak. He’s an Olympic level diver, a tremendous athlete….Jason has a great style of fighting because he fights like a man. It’s not Kung-Fu. It’s like ‘I’m a man’ fighting. You pick someone up, you throw them on their head and beat the piss out of them.”

Jason Statham: “I was really happy to see all these faces I haven’t seen for a while,” Statham said about returning to the franchise. “‘Cause I got to get the hundred dollars that Dolph owed me.”

“Ninety five,” Dolph Lundgren interjects.

“That was really important,” Statham added with a smile.

They will be sharing more “The Expendables 3” content, including cast interviews, in the coming days.


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