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Read Lynn Viets’ debut novel “The Jason Statham Project”

Today we would like to turn the spotlight on Lynn Viets, a passionate and very talented writer from Maryland who wrote her first novel to win a bet. Now you might ask yourself, how is that related to Jason Statham? Read Lynn’s little story about how it came together below and you will find out.

One cold, grey, snowy February afternoon the hubs and I were watching a Statham marathon on SpikeTV. Taking a break to make a second pitcher (!) of margaritas, we discussed how much fun it would be to see Mr. Statham do something completely different than the action roles he does so well. Statham – The Musical, Statham does Shakespeare, a cheesy romantic comedy. I foolishly said that someone should write a screenplay. That led to this:

“You should write it.”
“Uh-huh. Where’s the limes?”
“No, really. You could do it. All the cool kids are doing it (snickering).”
“I think not.”
“I dare you. Bet you won’t.”
“I double-dog dare you.”

And there it was, a bet and a double-dog, the most compelling of all dares. No way was I going to let this one go. Possessed by the spirit of Jose Cuervo and feeling tequila feisty, I replied,

“Fine. $:/& you, I will write it.”

The bet was if I finished it by my birthday, June 6th, I got to scuba dive in the tropical paradise of my choice. I did, it was done on Memorial Day, 3 1/2 months later. And no, he did not give me my vacation. I have yet to submerge myself in warm turquoise waters and cry “oh, cabana boy, refresh this cocktail” while lounging on the beach. Dammit.

A brief word about the dedication: Shelly is my best friend, we met when we were teenagers and have remained friends for 30-some years. She isn’t currently living the life we dreamed of as kids, so I gave her a new one. She approves :)

We already read the first five chapters of Lynn’s novel The Jason Statham Project and highly recommend it, if you enjoy a good read as much as we do. Her humorous writing style makes it a real page turner and the wonderful, realistic characters she created touch us from the very beginning. It’s a heartwarming and compelling story about four close-knit friends and their exciting journey to … well, that’s for you to find out.

Thanks a lot to Lynn for sharing her terrific first novel with us. Make sure to leave her some feedback on her website or on


6 Comments on “Read Lynn Viets’ debut novel “The Jason Statham Project””

  1. Started the book during a short car ride, wanted to sit in the car and keep reading when we made it to the destination! …can’t put it down! Super excited to continue reading. Love me some Jason!

    1. That’s just awesome, Melanie. Please make sure to head over to Lynn’s site and let her know that. We are sure she’ll be thrilled to read such lovely feedback. And we felt the same, it’s so well written, the characters are lovable and we also can’t wait to read the rest of the story.

  2. I have wish jason would do a character of a federal agent a very good dedicated law enforcer with high humor avility to make the audience laugh and thrill but no kissing or love moves for a moral values to kids watching this is just a dream role for him hahaha

    1. It would be great to see him in the role of a law enforcement officer again. Haha No kissing or love scenes? If they are done right, you won’t have to worry about the kids also watching the film. And it’s part of every story, to see the emotional side of each character.

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