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Paul Feig talks Jason Statham and “Spy” with us

Paul Feig with a young fan in Budapest, Hungary

Paul Feig, director and writer of the upcoming action-comedy “Spy,” responded to one of our tweets on Twitter and let us know how much he enjoyed working with our favorite Brit Jason Statham.

Paul Feig: Jason Statham is the greatest. Hands down. Been a fan for years and to work with him is an absolute dream come true. Love him! Read Original Tweet

If he intended to make us jealous, well, he most definitely succeeded. Just the thought of meeting the man we so much admire gets us to stumble over our own two feet, so kudos to Paul for keeping it together behind the cameras.

Paul also revealed the name of Jason Statham’s character in “Spy” to us, so it’s impossible to hold a grudge against him.

Paul Feig: Please quote me. I think you’re going to love Spy. Get to know the name Rick Ford. You won’t forget it come next year. Promise.” Read Original Tweet

Of course we are going to love “Spy,” Paul. To watch Jason Statham portray an overconfident yet clumsy spy will be incredibly amusing, more so now that we know his catchy name.


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  1. Hey so cool. Thanks for that. What a nice compliment for Jason. I had to laugh a little: good thing the name wasn’t Rob Ford.

    1. We were just as thrilled when he replied to us. We didn’t expect it at all, and what he had to say about our Jason is very touching. Lucky him he got to work with him. Haha Especially because Jason looks the complete opposite of the mayor. Rick Ford sounds so funny already, it really compliments the character.

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