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Past co-stars talk Jason Statham

When the guys from Den of Geek interview celebrities, they often ask them what their favourite Jason Statham movie is. There have been some interviews with actors who have previously worked with Jason and the stories they recall are worth mentioning.

Matthew Lillard who worked with Jason on “In the Name of the King” had this to say about our favourite Brit:

Okay, so, finally, we ask everyone we interview what their favourite Jason Statham movie is, so – what’s your favourite Jason Statham movie?

THAT IS AN AMAZING QUESTION. I did a movie with Jason Statham, I did In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, so for me it was that movie because I got to see him every single day. But yeah, that’s hilarious. He’s fantastic. I will say that in that movie, not only did we work with Uwe Boll, who in himself is a treat, but I would go to work and we’d have fighting practice and acting rehearsal and it was like two weeks of warrior chaos. It was fantastic. I’m going to say my favourite Jason Statham movie is In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, one of the quintessential worst films ever made.

Lennie James who worked with Jason on “Snatch” and now stars in the TV hit series “The Walking Dead” talked about working with him as well:

Now we’re almost out of time so I was going to ask our usual site question of ‘What’s your favourite Jason Statham film?’ but figured you might have a slight bias on that front, so slightly left of centre can I ask if you have a favourite memory from filming Snatch?

Do I have a favorite memory of filming Snatch… I remember one time at lunchtime – it was very weird, Snatch, because it was a very boys-y set, there were very few women on the set, which consequently meant that at lunchtimes and breaks strange things would happen and I remember at one point I think we were filming somewhere that had a gym… like a school gym.

And suddenly, two ropes appeared, side by side, hanging from the ceiling and all of a sudden it turned nto a huge, big competition about who could climb the rope to the top and come back down the quickest and I remember Statham being very good at that, because he used to be a diver and a gymnast and all of that, so it all became about who could beat Statham. And basically nobody could. I’m not sure if that’s a favourite memory, but it’s the first one that comes to mind!

It’s nice to read what co-stars have to say about our favourite Brit as well as learn about their favorite movies of his.


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