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Our “Spy” Review: Oh c’mon, you know you loved it

We had the best time at the pre-screening of “Spy” in Boston, Massachusetts yesterday, March 31, 2015 and here is our review for you.

CIA analyst Susan Cooper (played by Melissa McCarthy) volunteers to go undercover to track and report on an arms dealer when her partner (played by Jude Law) doesn’t return from his mission and another field agent’s identity is compromised.

The opening scene with its enticing setting and music reminded us of a classy James Bond film. We were drawn in completely when stylishly dressed Jude Law appeared, introducing us to the world of highly skilled spies and pollen allergy. The right tone for the rest of the film was set.

After that, Melissa McCarthy took us with her on her spy adventure and it was never a dull moment with her. She was lovable, funny, and most of all, a woman that you should never underestimate. She taught us valuable lessons on how to stand your ground and be more than what others think you can be. She surprised us in every scene and impressed us with her powerful performance.

Well, then there was Jason Statham also known as Rick Ford. Let’s call him McCarthy’s unwanted sidekick who made it his mission to tell her in the most unflattering ways that she would not succeed in the field without him. But his overconfidence, or let’s say his painful clumsiness spoke for itself, complicating everything more than once. Statham was on fire in every scene and made us burst with laughter. His wardrobe was gorgeous, his few scenes well-chosen and memorable, and his acting superb. Watching him in a comedy again was such a delight and we will need weeks to recover from that.

Rose Byrne was spectacular in her role and had a certain mystery to her. She was clearly someone with a personal agenda and appeared to be one of the antagonists, but we felt that was only part of her story. She was not just pure evil and had many great moments, especially with McCarthy.

The most surprising and hilarious character was portrayed by Peter Serafinowicz. His chemistry with McCarthy was such a highlight and made the film extra funny.

Our conclusion is that director, writer and producer Paul Feig created a wonderful comedy with well-rounded and intriguing characters. Each of them contributed something unique to the story line and gave this film not only well-balanced humor but also a lot of personality. It was heart-warming, tasteful, and entertaining. The cast members were in complete harmony with each other, and the beautiful filming locations in Europe were quite a bonus.

So we give “Spy” a 10/10 rating because we absolutely loved it. Don’t forget to stay until the end credits roll, because you really don’t want to miss out on the last scene.


2 Comments on “Our “Spy” Review: Oh c’mon, you know you loved it”

  1. 1.He has few scenes in the film!?
    2.Was he really clumsy (or clumsy enough) like other comedians who makes you laugh so hard?
    3.So who was the best actor of the movie?(Be honest and I hope it is Jay!)
    4.How were his fight scenes?
    5.How was his chemistry between Rose Byrne and Jude Law?
    I always give Jason’s movies 10 out of 10 before even watching the movie every chance I get without regret.(SHAME ON ME if I regret!)

    1. Hey Iman,

      1. Yes he does but you won’t be disappointed because they are just that powerful.
      2. He was clumsy in a natural kind of way. He wasn’t clumsy for the sake of being clumsy to make him funny. It was just part of his personality and very endearing.
      3. Well, Jason is our favorite actor so we’ll always be biased when it comes to him. But we have to say that all actors were just wonderful and contributed something special. They all worked as a team and it wouldn’t have been the same without any of them.
      4. You know he never disappoints when it comes to fight scenes.
      5. The chemistry between all actors was just right. They brought together a great group of people that complimented each other in every scene.

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