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Our interview with “Parker” actress Emma Booth

Last year we were fortunate enough to get in touch with the lovely, beautiful and talented actress, Emma Booth, who starred alongside Jason Statham in “Parker.” She kindly agreed to answer our questions about working with our favorite Brit and her life in the film business. Team: What a pleasure to chat with you, Emma. We adored you in “Parker,” you did a wonderful job and your onscreen chemistry with Jason was electrifying. Can you tell us a bit more about the casting process and how you ended up with the role of Claire?

Emma Booth: I actually sent in an audition from Australia for Parker. I then got asked to fly myself over for a chemistry test with Jason. It was a lot of fun!!!

JS Team: What was it like working with Jason? Was he someone that made you feel comfortable right from the start?

EB: Jason is awesome to work with. He made me feel very comfortable and confident! He’s a great guy. He does what he does in front of a camera really well.

JS Team: What was the first “Parker” scene you filmed with him?

EB: The first scene we shot was the pool party scene. It was so hot my makeup kept melting off. In fact the whole shoot was like that. New Orleans heat rocks you!

JS Team: We hope you don’t mind when we point out that very steamy shower scene between Jason and you. How difficult was it for you to portray such intimacy convincingly with the film crew standing just a few feet away from you?

EB: Hahah Oh yes the shower scene. I guess as an actor you just have to jump in the deep end and go for it. Love making scenes are actually very technical. There’s always loads of people in the room with you so it can feel a little daunting sometimes.

JS Team: You are originally from Australia and you started your acting career when you were only 13. What made you want to become an actress?

EB: I have always loved acting. It was my dream as a kid to follow that path. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

JS Team: What would you say are some of the biggest challenges that actresses in general are facing?

EB: Some of the challenges actors face… Hmmmm, leaving loved ones!! That’s always the biggest challenge for me. Also getting along with everyone on set! I have always done this but I have heard it can be challenging for some actors.

JS Team: “Introducing the Dwights” (original title “Clubland”) was your first film role that won you several awards for. Was that also the film that got you noticed in Hollywood?

EB: Yes CLUBLAND was the role that got me noticed in the USA. It did great things for a little Australian film.

JS Team: You have an enormous presence on screen and not just because of your natural beauty. What are your next film projects we should be looking out for? We know you wrapped up filming “Gods of Egypt,” starring Gerard Butler (“Olympus Has Fallen”) and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (“Game of Thrones”).

EB: Yes GODS OF EGYPT is coming out next year! That was a hoot to shoot. All blue screen which was a little challenging but hopefully it’s great. I also have a tv show called GLITCH. Coming out in a couple of months. I had to crawl out of a grave for that (literally) so it should be an entertains show!!

Emma’s official website is “Gods Of Egypt” was released on February 26, 2016. Her other new film projects include “Hounds of Love” and “Hippie Hippie Shake” with Cillian Murphy (“Peaky Blinders”) and Sienna Miller (“Burnt”).


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