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Our Interview with Jason Statham Impersonator Jason Stanly

One of the best things about having a website dedicated to Jason Statham is that we sometimes get to meet incredibly talented people who are not only admirers of our favorite Brit but also get inspired by him professionally. And so it happened that we received an email from Jason Stanly, a Louisiana-based actor and Jason Statham impersonator. After he told us more about his exciting work (he recently appeared in “The Hunger Games” spoof “The Starving Games” as Jason Statham/Lee Christmas), we didn’t think twice about featuring his story on our website because he really impressed us with his passionate impersonation. Jason (yes, that’s really his name) graciously agreed to an interview with us, and we are thrilled to introduce to you today the blue-eyed Southern Statham. Team: Do you remember the first time anyone ever told you that you look like Jason Statham?

Jason Stanly: Yes, I remember it very well because it was my Mom that first told me! It was just before The Transporter was released and my Mom had seen some Statham interviews. She thought it was really cool that her son was looking like an action star! I didn’t think much of it at the time but as Statham’s popularity grew it became more often that I’d receive comments from folks. Months later, some teenagers in Barnes and Noble saw me browsing in the movie section and they picked up The Transporter DVD and asked if that was me on the cover. I started to think that this Jason Statham guy must be pretty awesome!

JS Team: How long have you been involved in acting?

JS: I began acting when I was a junior in high school and through drama class I was involved in all of the high school plays at the time. As for the film industry, it was a little over 3 years ago when I decided that I absolutely had to be part of the booming industry here in Louisiana.

JS Team: Do you think that the fact that you look like Jason Statham helped you break into the film industry?

JS: There is no doubt about it. For many years I’d been able to do various impersonations but the very fact that I actually impersonated Jason Statham in the parody film The Starving Games as my first speaking role is really cool! While I was getting to know my way around the industry by doing work as a background actor, I’d hear it everyday on set – “hey, it’s Jason Statham!” or “I didn’t know Statham was in this movie!”. It really made me laugh and I’d have fun with it but I never expected this to help lead to my first principal role. It’s really a big deal to me looking back. Even if you are insanely talented, getting cast in a principal role in a major feature film is no easy task these days.

JS Team: So what have you done since portraying Statham in “The Starving Games”?

JS: Well, once your foot is in the door, you definitely get some momentum after getting to know some casting directors. After The Starving Games, I was cast in the horror film, The Monkey’s Paw, which was also filmed in Louisiana. I’ve also done commercials and I’ve been working with my fellow Expendables impersonators from The Starving Games on some other fun projects too. We call ourselves “The Expandables”, so be sure to watch for us, you won’t be disappointed! So, my Jason Statham connection continues to help my acting career to this day.

JS Team: Did you ever see yourself as an impersonator when you began acting?

JS: I have to admit that in the past I had been a little reluctant to embrace being considered an impersonator but truly great impressionists are usually pretty amazing actors in their own right. There is just so much competition in the entertainment business that it’s a great idea to have a viable angle to help you break into the business or to really get discovered.

JS Team: Then there must be some great perks to being a Jason Statham impersonator/look-alike?

JS: Yes indeed! One of the best things is that you quickly find out that people really enjoy being around and interacting with “the next best thing”, aside from the actual celebrity. It’s a thrill to deliver on the illusion to give folks a smile and a fun photo opportunity to share.

JS Team: If you ever got to meet the man himself one day, is there anything in particular you would like to ask him?

JS: I’d like to ask him if he thinks it’s sometimes a burden to be as handsome as we both are and how he copes with it daily! Ok, for real, I’d like to ask him about his fitness routine and see if he has some tips for some aging former athletes.

JS Team: Did you watch a lot of Jason Statham films in order to study his body language and the way he talks?

JS: Did I ever! As soon as I received word about my audition for “The Starving Games”, I was combing through Netflix and Youtube for everything Statham. The first movie I watched was “Snatch” and I thought that was a great one to start with so I could work on mimicking his really gravelly voice with a thick Cockney accent. All in all, I spent countless hours on Youtube watching various clips and interviews in hopes of getting it all down just right. Going forward, I could use about 10 more pounds of muscle because Jason just won’t stop working out! Man, he’s a tough act to follow!

In 2013, Jason Stanly gave a radio interview about his role in “The Starving Games,” and also talked about his athletic past similar to Jason Statham’s.

Jason also sent us some great photos of himself and his “The Expandables” acting buddies. The three photos in the second row are from his appearance in “The Starving Games” and you can watch his funny scene here.

Photo Credit: Skip Bolen (black and white)

We also want you to check out this hilarious “The Expandables” parody clip featuring Jason Stanly as Jason Statham, Eric Buarque as Bruce Willis (he could be Willis’ twin brother!), and Jade Roberts as Sly Stallone (his voice is just insane!).

You can find Jason Stanly on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and his “The Expandables” buddies on Twitter, and Facebook. Feel free to get in touch with the boys. We are sure they would love to read from you.


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