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On the set of “Homefront” – James Franco and Jason Statham get bloody

Actor James Franco has shared a behind the scenes photo of Jason Statham and himself via his Instagram. It shows the two actors with fake blood on their faces and was taken on November 29, 2012.

On the set of Homefront

In a recent interview with Collider, Jason Statham shed more light on how he got the role.

“Homefront is a film that Sylvester Stallone wrote for himself actually. So, to have a screenplay presented to me by him that he was intending to star in himself was a career point for me. I said, ‘Wow!’ He’s a great writer and it’s a really, really cool story. It’s based on a book written by Chuck Logan called Homefront. He adapted it to suit me. It was like a tailor-made suit and Sly did all the sewing. Fantastic!” he told the film website.

The Gary Fleder-directed action thriller is about a former DEA agent (Statham) who moves his family to a quiet town, where he soon tangles with a local meth druglord (Franco). Other cast includes Winona Ryder, Kate Bosworth, Frank Grillo and Rachelle Lefevre.

According to Winona Ryder, “Homefront” is scheduled for a release date this fall.


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