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Old interview with Jason Statham for “Sky” magazine in 2000

Thanks to photographer Jamie Beeden (he did the photo shoot) for sending us this rare and fantastic magazine scan featuring such a lovely interview with our favorite Brit. Back then Jason had just started out in the acting world and was promoting his films “Snatch” and “Ghosts of Mars.” He was also really open because he wasn’t famous yet and shared a bit more about his personal life.

What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you ‘cos of Lock, Stock?

Well, it’s pretty strange being given loads of free clothes. Strange but nice, obviously. Also, the producer’s got some big friends in the States and they flew us by private jet to Vegas. You do pinch yourself. You think what the fuck am I doing on a jet, I’m used to the bus.

What’s the weirdest place you’ve been recognised?

It’s been more of an overall appreciation for the film rather than people saying, “There’s that useless c**t from Lock, Stock.” It’s weird that even now – two years later – people will still come up to me and say, “Fucking brilliant film, mate, loved it.”

When did you last see Vinnie Jones?

Really recently actually. I was in America, staying in this little hotel, and I was really lonely. He turned up and said, “Get the fuck out of there, come and stay at my house.” He’s just the nicest person – I can’t say enough good things about him. It’s a lovely atmosphere with the Jones boy, his door’s always open. There’s a bunch of English guys out there at the moment who’ve got a five-a-side football team together – they call it Hollywood United – so we might have a game when I get there. I’ll opt for being on the Jones boy’s side – I don’t wanna get my nuts grabbed!

So, back to you. You know some very famous people. Do you ever think, “Wow, check me out!”

Nah, they’re no different to us. They’re just normal, especially Brad Pitt. He has this rare ability to make you forget that he’s Brad Pitt within five minutes. He’s just a normal man. He fitted in really well. We all went go-karting and we were ramming him off the track.

And what about Madonna. I don’t want any intimate details…

Good, ‘cos you’re not going to get any.

Right. But what about the first time you met her…?

Well, she is a fucking huge star. But she’s cool so you stay cool. But she walked into the room and we were like, “That’s fucking Madonna!” She’s fucking great, we’ve been out and had a laugh. She’s got a wicked sense of humor.

Now you know her better do you forget who she is?

It’s just Guy’s girlfriend, innit?

OK. Tell us about Snatch.

It’s a complicated task to try to explain what a Guy Ritchie film is about… His brain’s going at a hundred miles an hour when he’s writing the scripts. I’d say it was about diamond dealers, Hatton Garden, bare-knuckle boxing, dog fighting and gambling.

Are they going to de-Cockney the film for America?

Well it isn’t really like that, it’s not all rhyming slang. We haven’t tried to remake Lock, Stock. The only really difficult dialogue is what Brad had to do – he plays a gypsy and he has to talk really quickly. It’s not really English, it’s not really Irish… you’ll know what I mean if you’ve ever heard any of them gypos go into one. Brad’s got it down to a tee.

How big was his entourage?

He didn’t have one. He had a couple of boys in the background but he has to ‘cos of who he is. All it takes is for someone to come up and ask for an autograph and a minute later he’s being mobbed.

Is all that money and fame worth it when you can’t walk down the street?

I’m sure he can… in a long beard and hat and dark glasses!

Did you meet Jennifer Aniston?

She’s lovely, they’re a great couple. We all played cards and had a curry.

How rich is Guy Ritchie?

Fuck knows. I have no idea how much money he’s got. We’re not all like, waaahey, look at my wad. He’s got more money than me. Just slightly. I see Guy as this fucking creative genius and also a personal friend. He’s got a great sense of humour. I love being with him, he’s great to have as a friend.

Bless. I thought you were meant to be a hardcase?

I’m just saying it how I see it… I’m not licking his are. I don’t wanna fucking brown-nose him. I wouldn’t spend time with him if I didn’t like him. I wouldn’t spend time with him if I didn’t like him, just in case he gives me a part. I have to audition and screen-test like everyone else.

We hear he fined people on set for their mobiles ringing or if they were too flash…

Yeah, I got stung £50 for my phone ringing. But Guy introduced the thing and ended up paying the most. It was the flash fines that did it for him.

Are we allowed to ask about Kelly [Brook]?

Definitely. I love her to bits. I trust her implicitly, she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. I can’t look at anyone else. She’s my baby.

You’ve given her a diamond ring. Are you engaged?

That’s just a little show of devotion. We’re not engaged but as good as. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. How gooey am I?

Very. What do you do to romance her?

That’s our business. We do all the usual things that two people do when they’re in love. I’ve been in LA recently and it’s really hard being apart. I miss her so much when I’m away. I was only gone for two weeks but I was in fucking tears when I left her.

You sweetie. Anyway, tell me about your next film.

It’s called The Ghost Of Mars. It’s with Courtney Love, Ice Cube – it’ll be cool to work with The Cube – Pam Grier and me. It’s a big-action horror film but very stylish, old skool. I can’t wait to start it. There’s loads of fighting, it’s fucking mad.

Ever had a dirty pint?

What’s that? A turd in the bottom of your glass? Actually I know a bloke who did that, for a joke. He produced this pint with a turd in it and went up to the barman and said, “Oi, your fucking beer’s off.” He got barred for life.

Do you have a nickname?

Nah, not really. Some people call me Stath or Jay. Some people call me Wanker but they get some back.


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  1. Haha. Thanks for that. He’s such a character. This is the Jason when I first started paying attention to him. Total riot with no filter. He has grown up hasn’t he.

    1. No problem. It was too good not to share. He really is so funny and has such a great sense of humor. Yes, he has grown up but he’s also one of Hollywood’s elite now. Unfortunately everything he says is analyzed these days by the media and he just can’t be that open anymore. It’s a real pity.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing that interview from Sky Magazine. Jason sure has come a long way. Pardon the old cliché. But Jason is like a fine wine. As the years go by, he just keeps getting better and better. Thank you for sharing him with us fans on your website. Keep up the great work. Love you Jason. You sexy man.

    1. Hey Glenna,

      Thank you for your lovely words and positive feedback. We are more than happy to share all the Jason goodness and are glad you enjoy it so much. Haha It might be an old cliché but it is so true when it comes to our favorite Brit. We can’t put our admiration for him in words, he is just a wonderful person and role model.

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