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More videos of Jason Statham being interviewed at the “Furious 7” press junket in Los Angeles, California

Now that things have calmed down with the “Furious 7” promotion, we found time to collect many more video interviews with Jason Statham from the film’s press junket in Los Angeles, California on March 21, 2015 and March 22, 2015. Make sure to also check out our post from March 20, 2015 with newly added videos from the first day of the press junket.


10 Comments on “More videos of Jason Statham being interviewed at the “Furious 7” press junket in Los Angeles, California”

  1. I think one of the interviewers was stupid enough to ask who would win in a real-life fight with Jason.And the stupidity continued with Johnson and Ludacris.Such silly guys!Even if they said it in a humorous way,they were exaggerating too much.But Tyrese Gibson admitted that he would definitely get his butt handed to Jason.Also Nathalie Emmanuel was definitely joking,because she certainly doesn’t want to give it a try.It was really the worst and the most annoying interview I had ever seen!

    1. Hey Iman, that’s fine if you didn’t like one of the interviews. But we would appreciate it if you kept it civil as we don’t want any negative energy on our website. No need to insult the interviewers or actors, they were just doing their jobs. And we do think they were all simply joking around, building up the hype about the film. Sometimes they are even acting during interviews, so don’t take it so seriously.

      1. Oh,I’m extremely sorry for my bad behavior on your website!I’m a little short-tempered so I tried to have Jason’s back in a silly way.I really didn’t mean to be rude and offend the interviewers or actors.Thanks for giving me a warning.I wouldn’t be surprised if you hated me!

        1. That is fine, we understand that you just want to be supportive of him. There is nothing wrong with that but do it in a respectful way and we have no problem with that. We don’t hate anyone, it’s a word we dislike the most. So no worries, Iman. We always enjoy reading your thoughts.

          1. We wouldn’t consider that negative energy, Iman. It’s a fun interview and we’ll add it to our others, so thank you for sharing.

  2. In fact I didn’t consider this video negative energy but I thought you would since Jason had exactly the same opinion and words about both the interviewer and one of his questions.You made me kind of confused!Maybe because when it comes to Jason it doesn’t matter.Anyway,this is definitely one of my most favorite interviews ever,especially because of the way Jason responded to his nonsense question.

    1. Iman, this is a website dedicated to Jason Statham so we take the right to moderate the comments and only choose those that we find appropriate. We don’t want to argue with you and hope you can understand our point of view.

  3. No worries,I quite understand.You don’t have to tell me something that you have already told me about it again.And you know that Jason shouldn’t have said those words either,though he was not serious.Let’s just forget it.From now on I will keep silent to prevent from any further arguments.
    All I want to know is that are you ever going to include the Trivia section and your Furious 7 review or not?(I would really appreciate it if you are but it’s OK if you aren’t.)

    1. We always welcome comments on our website as long as they are civil. So no need for you to be quiet if you stick with that.

      We just came back from our vacation and will work on the “Furious 7” review in the next few days. As for the trivia section, we’ll have to go through articles, fact check everything because the media is not always truthful. It requires a lot of time and we’ll get to it eventually.

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