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More filming locations for “Mechanic: Resurrection” in Thailand revealed

Phuket Gazette has some very interesting information about the current filming of Jason Statham’s “Mechanic: Resurrection” in Thailand. Furthermore, we get our first look at the unknown child actor, Dylan Farrell, who will play young Arthur Bishop in the sequel.

The Phuket-based marine services company Yacht Solutions has been appointed marine consultant for Jason Statham’s next blockbuster movie, Mechanic: Resurrection, which is scheduled for cinematic release in January 2016.

“Blockbusters such as these will help to promote the country as an exotic, beautiful and friendly location for filming. We will be offering the production company marine co-ordination and logistical support.”

Filming will run from mid-November through mid-December on board a 63-meter superyacht in Thailand.

The cast will be filming on location on the superyacht in the Gulf of Thailand organized by Yacht Solutions, and they will also be filming in and around Phuket.

Line producer in Thailand is Tom Waller of De Warrenne Pictures. As marine consultant, Yacht Solutions have chartered the yacht, helped arranged shooting and are working with the crew during shooting.

The Aucklander gives us our first look at 10-year-old Dylan Farrell from Pukekohe, New Zealand who landed the role of young Arthur Bishop in Jason Statham’s “Mechanic: Resurrection.” He was spotted in his brother’s audition tape and shortly after went to Thailand together with his mum to film for ten long days. Pretty awesome for Dylan to have a Hollywood blockbuster as his first film credits listed.


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