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Men With Ven serenade Jason Statham

The incredibly hilarious and super entertaining Brits MEN WITH VEN reached out to us to share their pretty catchy song/music video dedicated to Jason Statham. And, who are we to decline such request, right? Also, make sure to listen to the fourth episode of their free iTunes podcast here. Our bellies still hurt from all the laughing!

Bill Clift, David Barratt & Carl Marsh are MEN WITH VEN – a character-driven rock/pop group of “a certain age” who combine humour, theatrics & insanely catchy tunes.

After much analysis they discovered that there were four unifying factors that make a great Jason Statham movie: CARS, CASH, GUNS & BIRDS. When these are aligned in the correct manner they discovered a type of alchemy occurred that was irresistible.

Naturally they used all four in their song/video “Jason Statham”.

The story of how the song came to be recorded can be found in the 4th episode of the MWV podcast:

Men With Ven are so taken with Jason that they have written a part for him in their upcoming movie musical. Jason has never sung on screen before but they are sure he will be a triumph, as he is in everything else.

Men With Ven are three men and nearly as many chords, on the road from Barking to Deptford.
Telling it like it is in pubs and markets, treading the highway and the sticky carpet.

With songs and suits as sharp as a broken beer glass, Bill and Dave and Carl distill lager into pure gold with their songs about Deptford Market, mums, marriage, life, death, cooking, football, drugs, beer & Jason Statham.

All of life is to be found there.

VEN: Not just the plural of van, but a mystical substance infusing a unique worldview…
A bit like Zen, only faster and funnier.

see/hear more at:


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