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Melissa McCarthy about “Spy”: Jason Statham is so funny in it

In a recent interview with Inquirer, Melissa McCarthy talked about her upcoming action-comedy “Spy,” which has her star opposite Jason Statham, and recalled a hilarious dance floor maneuver that involved our favorite Brit.

“I had two different fights with Jason,” Melissa happily reported. “At a certain point, when I was wrestling him to the ground on a dance floor, I suddenly thought, ‘What am I doing? What’s happening?’ We had been wrestling for so long. We were trying to pretend to dance but we ended up taking each other down.”

The “Bridesmaids” star recalled, “I thought, Jason does this stuff all the time. I was dying. I could barely breathe. It was so hard. At one point, we were both on our knees. I couldn’t get up because it was the 10th or 15th time we had done it. I was too tired. I thought, ‘He’s probably going to be able to spring up and be ready to go.’ I looked at him and he went, ‘I can’t get up.’ That made me feel better. I was like, ‘I am so glad you feel winded too because I am dying.’ It was an absolute blast.”

Melissa promised, “Jason Statham is so funny in it (‘Spy’). I mean, crazy. ‘Spy’ is a wild ride.”

If their fun on set is any indication of their on screen chemistry, we are certain the audience (us included) will have a blast from beginning to end.

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