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Meet and Greet with Jason Statham in Beijing, China – August 1, 2014

Back in August, Jason Statham traveled all the way to China to promote his new film “The Expendables 3.” Over the next two days an enormous crowd of people followed our favorite Brit to each press event, hoping for an opportunity to take a photo with him. It was a small group of lucky Chinese fans who not only got to meet Jason up close, but also participated in a wheel of fortune game with him and won some pretty cool merchandise of the third installment.

We got in touch with one of the girls from that group (we already feature some photos of them in our gallery), and she was more than happy to share her once in a lifetime experience and lovely photo with us.

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Singleyehilda: I’m glad to talk about my M&G with Jason. It’s very very exciting.

It was a mobile game presentation. Image of the hero is Jason. Some fans was invited including myself, and 5 of us were able to come on stage. I made a banner for fans, so they let me get the chance.

We came on stage. Jason shaken hands and hugged with all us. At that moment my mind became blank. It’s so exciting. I’ve never stand this close to a idol before.

He looked more handsome than he was in the films. He smelled so good. His back feels like rock. It’s hard for me to held him, because he’s taller than me and really strong.

Than the host and Jason gave us some gifts. I got a T-shirt and a necklace. Than we took a group photo. After that the host asked us walk off the stage.

At first I wanted to take a photo just myself with a glance of Jason in it, or maybe I can show him my phone case. I painted Iron Man on it, and I heard Jason likes Iron Man. Jason found I was trying to take a autodyne and came over immediately. He’s so gentlemanly! But what a pity I’m really not good at that, I tried several times and upset the host. Than we fans walked off the stage.

I will always remember that Friday night. Now I’m set the lock screen with this photo. Every time I feel sick, I click on my phone to look at the photo. It’s really cheer me up.


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