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“Mechanic: Resurrection” Update: Sneaky on set photo, close-up of Jason Statham and his Thai co-star, more fan photos and Dylan Farrell as young Bishop

Enjoy a few more photos of Jason Statham’s adventurous time in beautiful Thailand, filming “Mechanic: Resurrection.” The first photo was sneakily taken on set while Jason was doing a scene in front of a blue screen (we believe that’s Thai actress Yayaying Rhatha Phongam). Oh, how we love to be teased that way!

We also have a lovely closeup of Jason and his Thai co-star, Yayaying Rhatha Phongam, who plays a courier in the film.

These two gorgeous fan photos were taken at the same location and on the same day (presumably December 22, 2014) as the one above, which appears to be a production company.

Dr. Robert Goldman (you might remember him from the 2014 International Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony) traveled to Asia for business and shared a Christmas Eve Dinner with Jason in Bangkok, Thailand on December 24, 2014. He shared his photo with our favorite Brit on his Instagram.

Dr. Robert Goldman: What a special Christmas dinner. He is filming his newest action movie there and always great to see my pal Jason Statham. How cool is this!

As previously reported, Dylan Farrell will play young Arthur Bishop in the second installment and we have a video as well as an article for you. Thanks to his mum, Danielle, for letting us share it.


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