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“Mechanic: Resurrection” Update: Jason Statham filming a scene at the Boat Lagoon Marina in Phuket, Thailand

Josephine must have felt very excited when she walked down the dock at the Boat Lagoon Marina and passed by none other than Jason Statham himself, holding the gate open for her. But this wasn’t a coincidental encounter as both were filming a scene for “Mechanic: Resurrection” in Phuket, Thailand today, January 30, 2015.

Josephine: 2 seconds before: After a day on set, finally #JasonStatham walked over to me, saying ‘Hi Darling’. Instead of acting super cool, stupid me was waving like #ForrestGump. Thanks to that :)

RL was one of the spectators and managed to snap a photo as well as film the short scene. And we might be getting more info about the filming tomorrow.


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