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Korean trailer of “Furious 7” offers a lot of new footage

The Korean trailer of “Furious 7” comes with some fantastic never before seen footage that includes new scenes of Jason Statham. Thanks to Iman for the video.

You should also take a look at this crazy behind-the-scenes featurette of how the airplane scene with the cars dropping out was done. The dangerous work these stuntmen did for the sake of the film is absolutely impressive!


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  1. This one made my whole week.I’m displeased people couldn’t see this in theaters,only in the uncut version.I got super excited when I watched this whole unforgettable fight scene.I’m more inspired now! youtube

    1. That is indeed a fantastic scene and we were disappointed that it wasn’t shown in the film. Altogether the third installment was not as good as the first two because there were simply too many actors and not enough screen time for everyone. And Jason deserved much more than a few short scenes and so did the rest of the main cast!

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