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Kellan Lutz talks “The Expendables 3” and Jason Statham

In Collider‘s recent interview with Kellan Lutz, the actor opened up about his unforgettable experience working on “The Expendables 3” and also reminisced about some pretty cool and fun moments with our favorite Expendable Jason Statham and the rest of the badass cast.

Question: What was your experience like, filming this movie with that cast?

KELLAN LUTZ: To me it was just another dream come true. Doing Hercules, just acting-wise bring forth that character to the big screen was such a dream. But working with all these legends and my childhood heroes from the films that I would watch, and especially for the genre that I love acting in, the action genre, seeing all these guys, acting with them and seeing who they were on and off camera and just how comedic some are like Wesley Snipes and Antonio Banderas. How badass Jason Statham is but then how cool he is when the camera’s off and just down to hang, Sly, Arnold, how smart Dolph is—I’ve always heard all these stories and it was really great connecting with him. I was going to college for Chemical Engineering and I believe he was as well. We had a lot of great conversations. Randy Couture, this badass UFC fighter is the kindest guy in the world. Everyone, there’s a strong household of A-type personalities and commanding presences but everyone’s just really cool. It was really fun for me, I wasn’t nervous at all. I was a bit—I wouldn’t use the word giddy because that’s not such a masculine word but just full-on enthusiastic and excited to be shooting guns and blowing stuff up and just playing pretend, playing action hero with all these legendary action heroes.

Talk about off set hitting the gym. Did you guys all go together at any point? Is there like a competition between who can lift more?

LUTZ: No, there was never really competition on set. I’m a tall guy, but Terry Crews is a monster of a tall guy. He was doing his TV show, so when the young guns got to set, Terry had already shot out all his scenes. I really would’ve loved to have worked with him but hopefully there’s a next one, that’d be great. For me, working out with all the guys, we would work out on set. Sly has all these little gimmicky, really badass workout devices, like these long bars that are 8 pound bars, about 3 feet in length that he would use for his forearms. He would always had it on set and everyone loved it. So, he had the prop department build these forearm bars. Sly is awesome because he’s like, “Kellan, all you gotta worry about is your silhouette, how you look, how your silhouette looks. If you can get your traps big, your chest big, your back big, then you’ll look big.” He had all these cheats for looking big and he looks massive.

For us, working out together, we had Victor Ortiz, we had Ronda Rousey, who are professional fighters. We had Randy Couture and Jason Statham, everyone just wanted to workout with everyone. There was no competition. Ronda would invite us for running up the mountain because she was in training. Victor would go to the boxing gym, Randy would have us come to the gym and run with like 40 pound weights, like a weighted vest on. Jason would be doing his weights at the gym as well and we’d all spot each other. There was no competition at all, it was actually like the best frat party I could think of. I was never in a frat and having these guys who are just fun and funny and their own characters on and off screen but they’re all boys at the end of the day. We would all go out or we’d all go to dinner, everyone came along.

Who would be the one that you would not want to fuck with if they had been drinking?

LUTZ: Victor Ortiz, he’s like a little pit bull. We would go out drinking, he’s the nicest man but that guy is quick. I watch him, I go to some of his training stuff and it’s even funny. Victor’s just a little puppy dog, it’s his first movie, watching him running to Statham’s trailer, open the door like, “Yo! Jason, what are you doing?” And Jason’s like, “You better fucking get out of here.” But then at the end of the day, he was never mad, he’s screw around with Victor. He’s like, “You’re the only guy who can bust in there that I wouldn’t do something to because I know you’d kick my ass.” And to hear Jason say that—I don’t know who would win that. I just know Victor’s a professional fighter and Jason, he’s a ninja. But yeah, never want to get hit by Victor. Randy Couture, as nice as he is, he would tear me down. And Ronda, I mean Ronda’s just—she’s a beast. She’s a strong cookie.

You can read the complete interview here.


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