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We apologize for all the back and forth on our website, and want to update you on its current status. We switched back to our previous host as the new one turned out to be a greater hassle for us. Within the first two weeks, our website was already offline for almost two hours at once and that’s unacceptable. We upgraded our hosting plan, and hope it will be good for another year until we have learned about hosting our website on a server, which will give us more resources. As of now, we are keeping a close eye on our site’s performance and will know more in a few weeks. It could happen that we would have to remove our photo gallery for a while as we are now restricted to a certain limit of files, but it would only be temporarily. And to be honest, we are more eager about providing you with the latest Jason news than anything else.

Thank you all for being so understanding and patient. It helps us a lot knowing that you still enjoy our website despite its current issues. We want to wish you a happy new year and may 2015 bring us not only lots of our favorite Brit but also everything you have hoped for.


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    1. Thank you, Sinogra. It was only a matter of time until we would face this issue but we’ll find a way to get through it. Have a great new year!

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