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Jason Statham’s “Meg” research brings him up close with real sharks

Our favorite Brit headed to beautiful Fiji where he got under water with BAD (Beqa Adventure Divers) and experienced bull and tiger sharks in their natural habitat. Jason shared some incredible photos taken by his “old pal” Dan Smith and wrote about his thrilling adventure on his official Facebook:

A massive respect and thank you to all the fearless Shark Divers I was lucky enough to meet over in the beautiful place called Fiji. These guys surely have nerves of steel, as some of the bull sharks are over 3m in length and could tear you to pieces at any given moment. Getting up close to these incredible predators is an experience you will never forget. Everyone of the expert dive team needs a mention as they are truly the best pro divers you could ever be next to when you are down at 30m surrounded by these big aggressive sharks.
Thank you brothers!

1.) (Manoa)
2.) (Tumbee)
3.) (Misi)
4.) (Api)
5.) (Wase)
6.) (Netani)
7.) (Fabi)
8.) (Simi)
9.) (Jone)

Finally a big thank you to Mike Neumann at Beqa Adventure divers for some superb footage that i shall be posting as it comes in.

This is what the divers had to say on their official Facebook and Shark Dive Blog:

Vinaka Vakalevu(Thank You) Jason! it was an honor to host you!

Friendliest, most accessible and most humble guy, ever!


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