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Jason Statham’s first car was a Golf GTI

ScreenSlam spoke with Jason Statham at the “Furious 7” press junket in Los Angeles, California on March 21, 2015. Our favorite Brit talked cars, driving the fastest on “Transporter 2” and Vin Diesel. He even stayed his polite self when the interviewer referred to him as a “rookie” and didn’t seem to know much about his career in general. Nonetheless, it was still an enjoyable interview.


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    1. Like Clare already said, a rookie is an inexperienced person. For example, a rookie cop or a rookie driver. In that case the interviewer referred to Jason as a rookie actor but we believe he actually meant to say that he is a rookie when it comes to being part of the “Furious 7” franchise. At least that’s what we assume.

        1. Yeah, he definitely was very, very nervous. But that was a good practice for him. After that interview he will know whether that’s something he wants to do in the future.

  1. I agree with Meredith, the interviewer sounded like a right knobhead , do your research mate before you do an interview with one of the best actors to come from GB , and he will only get better as time passes and he gets more chances to shine !

    1. It wouldn’t be the first time an interviewer didn’t do his proper research. Believe us, we have seen worse! But yes, it should be a given that you know the basics of the person you are interviewing especially with Jason being known around the world. And you are right, our favorite Brit will shine brighter and brighter in every new role he takes on.

  2. Terrible interviewer – he was an idiot. Just shows what a gentleman Jason is and how he has the intellect to handle an stupid person so stylishly. A rookie- Merida means a new boy, a novice. Grrrr! The interviewer also had no idea that Jason actually lives in LA. DOH! Sack the man.

    1. Take it easy there, lady, and follow Jason’s lead in how to stay polite despite this person’s obvious lack of professionalism. We know you just have Jason’s back, we all do ;)

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