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Jason Statham’s biggest moments in 2014

For our first post in the new year, we took a look back and put together Jason Statham’s highlights in 2014. While it was a “quiet” year for him film-wise, he still had plenty of other exciting things to do.

February 2014

March 2014

April 2014

May 2014

July 2014

August 2014

October 2014

November 2014

December 2014

What are your favorite Jason Statham moments in 2014? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.


6 Comments on “Jason Statham’s biggest moments in 2014”

    1. Thank you very much, Sylvain. We couldn’t be happier about Jason’s admirers enjoying our website so much.

  1. What a wonderful website. (You can see all the hard work and efficiency that goes into it). Thank you for that dedication.
    My name is Rosie, from Long Island, NY. In one of the links at the “” website, there is a quote that reads: THE BODY IMAGE MOST MEN ARE LOOKING FOR AND THAT WOMEN FIND ATTRACTIVE, IS THAT OF A SWIMMER. Whoever wrote that must have been thinking about Jason Statham.

    Jason Statham exhibited that kind of swimmer physique in the 90’s when you watch his amazing high-dive springboard skills. And although diving competition is behind him now, you can easily recognize how he’s transferred those aerial techniques and incredible form into many of his action scenes on film. He’s like a ballet dancer on steroids. Always light on the feet and marvelous at rapid, seamless fluidity. He brings it all. Thank you, Mr. Statham, for many enjoyable film hours watching all your hard work paying off, as we view your performances. The next is just a big shout-out to you from your female audience that keeps growing every year:

    Jason Statham is a fine, but underrated dramatic actor. He’s got it and he can handle himself there. But I imagine a kind of “sticky glue” typecast is inevitable and bound to find its way of adhering to him, due to those in Hollywood who primarily want to attach him to only big action box-office draw. But when you do that, you are also missing something wonderful. You’re missing and tend to forget about all the female sisters out there who make up a large sector of his favorite audience. Mr. Statham can beautifully complement and dovetail his action talents, alongside any dramatic role. But you’ve got to give it to him. And we need more of him in those kind of films. Director Steven Knight knew this in the movie “Redemption”. Mr. Sly Stallone recognized it and cast him in “Homefront”. These men have been around, they are smart, and it shows in their business wisdom. They took JS out of his box. Both gentlemen placed him in dramatic roles with real stories, real plots, and a lot of heart — simultaneously weaving in the added layer of his martial arts and action talents, around the drama unfolding. He just shined. Angels watching over you.

    1. Hello Rosie from Long Island,

      It is nice to have you stop by on our website and share your thoughts with us. You have a beautiful way of expressing yourself and we truly enjoyed reading your message. We couldn’t agree more with everything you have said about Jason and his ability as an actor and martial artist. He is so talented in more than just one way and we couldn’t be happier that people like Sylvester Stallone and Steven Knight gave him the chance to show that. We just love watching him in dramatic roles because the different emotions he shows highlight his skills as an actor. And while we are impressed with his unique fighting technique and the beautiful way he moves, we are just as touched by his emotional range and want to see more of that. We loved your line, “he’s like a ballet dancer on steroids.” Brilliantly described!

      We are certain our favorite Brit would be flattered by the wonderful things you have to say about him and we are happy that he has such lovely and dedicated fans like yourself.

      Also thank you for your kind words towards our website, we truly appreciate such positive feedback.

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