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Jason Statham will make you laugh in this new “Redemption” aka “Hummingbird” clip


After a few heavy and romantic “Redemption” aka “Hummingbird” clips, EW now spoils us with this very funny scene in which Jason Statham’s character Joey Jones admits to his attraction towards nuns when he meets a woman from his past.

Watch the “Redemption” aka “Hummingbird” clip here

Well, that’s certainly one way to silence a woman who shows interest in you.


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  1. great, I think I saw the movie at my house on July 20 or July 21 I’m not sure but that part has been fine and good, I love the couple that make Busek Agata and Jason Statham in this movie I really loved the movie.
    my name is Anabela and I’m from Argentina

  2. Hey Anabela from Argentina,

    How nice of you to stop by and leave a comment :)

    We couldn’t agree more with you, Jason Statham and Agata Buzek made such a lovely couple in “Redemption” aka “Hummingbird.” They shared some wonderful onscreen chemistry which added to the film’s powerful story line.

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