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Jason Statham talks “The Expendables 3” and new “The Transporter” series with Spanish press

The Spanish press released several fantastic interviews with Jason Statham obtained during his visit to Marbella, Spain on August 5, 2014, where he and “The Expendables 3” cast attended the film’s premiere. Naturally, he talks about the third installment but also how he prides himself in doing the “physical stuff” and that there would be nothing he would shy away from when it comes to stunts. He also opens up about the new “The Transporter” series without him and how he would have liked to reprise his role as Frank Martin in a fourth, fifth and sixth film. We are actually shocked to learn that despite his obvious interest, the producers decided to go ahead without the man who brought Frank Martin to life in the first place. And we are convinced that no one could play him better and more believable than our favorite Brit.

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8 Comments on “Jason Statham talks “The Expendables 3” and new “The Transporter” series with Spanish press”

  1. Jason is great in acting with all compassion with his work hopefully recognize to an award in oscar you deserve to have

    1. That’s very true. That’s why he’s one of the best. He’s committed to each of his roles and gives 150% every time. He works so hard and we truly admire that about him.

  2. Irritates me when they talk over his voice. Just use damn captions. I only understand English and can listen and mistranslate French and German. Lol.

    1. Haha Someone doesn’t sound too happy about not hearing Jason’s appealing voice. We know what you mean though, it’s very irritating. At least the other interviews are all with Spanish subtitles.

  3. I can’t imagine Transporter 4,5,and 6 without him.They have disrespected dear Jason.I’m sure without him this movie will bomb and they will regret it for life that they didn’t want him for the movie.It seems they haven’t seen his recent hard work on movies and how he have put his life in danger .the person who is going to steal his role may not be able to do all the stunts and I’m sure he can’t fight so skillfully and Impressively like him at all and no action stars in hollywood can for sure.
    I can’t believe the person who showed his amazing talent didn’t want him anymore.the transporter is the best action ever made in history and the first movie I had seen from him.

    1. We couldn’t agree more with you, Iman. He is the reason why Frank Martin is such an interesting character with badass driving and fighting skills. He gives his all for every role and works always so hard to perform 150% and that’s one of the many reasons why they shouldn’t have gone forward without him. It really doesn’t make sense to us! “The Transporter” made us notice our favorite Brit for the first time and that’s why that film will always be special to us. No one can replace Jason Statham’s Frank Martin, ever.

  4. Jason is Frank Martin and nobody else !!! I can’t imagine a new Transporter sage without him … Jason is such an amazing actor

    1. Exactly! We also can’t imagine anyone better than our Jason to play Frank Martin in a believable way. There’s a reason why “The Transporter” trilogy was so successful. It takes a lot more than just good looks and the occasional choreographed move to be authentic in the role.

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