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Jason Statham talks about his character in “Mechanic: Resurrection”

A new interview with our favorite Brit about the sequel is featured in Us Weekly (Issue 1111) – May 30, 2016.

Q: What made you want to come back to play Arthur?

It’s nice to revisit a familiar character and put him in a unique world, especially Arthur. He is a complicated man – with a moral compass.

Q: How did ou handle such intense stunt work?

We choreographed each sequence to have its own personality. The action really complements the story line.

Q: You filmed in so many exotic locales: Bulgaria, Brazil… Which was your favorite?

Of all the amazing locations, I’d say Thailand. It gave us such a beautiful backdrop.

Q: How do you rate Jessica Alba as your love interest?

She’s the perfect protagonist to drag Arthur Bishop back into his old line of work.


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