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*UPDATED* Jason Statham receives warm welcome from Hungarian fans

The two lovely ladies, Eniko and Adrienn, met our favorite Brit Jason Statham at his hotel in Budapest, Hungary on Friday, April 11, 2014. They happily shared their gorgeous snapshots with us, and also told us that they would try to get a few more photos of Jason while he is in town for filming “Spy.”

Eniko: He went out for eat & he was cute. Stopped for few photos & autographs. Feeling his arm around my shoulder is priceless! :)

Adrienn: He is a very very nice sweet and cute guy. He was very kind with us. I will be back I want that he sign me this photo. :)

Earlier that Friday, Jason Statham was photographed at the Budapest Airport. We are still trying to find out why he was seen just a couple of days earlier near the airport without anyone knowing he was actually there.

UPDATE April 14, 2014: Jason Statham arrived in Budapest, Hungary on Friday, April 11, 2014 and not on Wednesday, April 9, 2014, as we previously reported. We sincerely apologize for the wrong information.


2 Comments on “*UPDATED* Jason Statham receives warm welcome from Hungarian fans”

  1. If you are talking about the pic with the production transports…maybe the person posting the pics just found out it was a film involving Jason and didn’t actually see him. If you are not talking about that pic…well, nevermind. Lol

  2. No, that’s the photo we are talking about. Her English wasn’t that good so it was hard to communicate, but as far as we understood, she saw him there. She also didn’t seem like a crazy fan who would make something like that up, so we assumed she really saw him sitting in the car. Anyway, we have our Hungarian source check into that. She said she asked her. Hopefully we know soon.

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