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Jason Statham on set of “Mechanic: Resurrection” in Phuket, Thailand

UFC Fighter and co-owner of the global gym AKA Thailand, Mike Swick, visited Jason Statham on the set of “Mechanic: Resurrection” in Thailand yesterday, January 20, 2015. He shared this lovely snapshot via his Twitter/Instagram and said that he just hung out with his buddies to watch them what they do best and won’t be in the film.

Mike Swick: On #TheMechanic2 set with Jace Jeanes and #JasonStatham. Location is a small remote island off the coast of #Phuket, and it’s beautiful! ;)

“Mechanic: Resurrection” has been filming in beautiful and exotic Thailand since November 2014.


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    1. Yes he really is. Otherwise we wouldn’t invest so much time in this site. We look up to him as a person and as an actor.

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