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*UPDATED* Jason Statham, Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig visit “Bild” headquarters in Berlin, Germany to promote “Spy”

UPDATE June 5, 2015: We have added the full-length interview with Jason Statham, Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig. Thanks a lot to the YouTube channel Kino.

As mentioned earlier, Jason Statham together with his co-star Melissa McCarthy and director Paul Feig visited the headquarters of the magazine “Bild” on May 26, 2015 in Berlin, Germany to talk about their film “Spy.” We were provided with two more photos and a short video of their visit. When asked whether Melissa McCarthy would make a good first female James Bond, Jason Statham agreed enthusiastically and said she did a lot of things in the film that most men would be only dreaming about of doing. Paul Feig also loved the idea and said it was time for a female Bond and he would give her that role in a heartbeat.

“Bild” has also done an exclusive interview with them and we are working on getting it for you.

Thanks to Christian Mutter from “Bild” for his help.


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