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Jason Statham makes ladies smile at the 2015 Brit Awards

The two lovely ladies Alex (makeup artist) and Francesca (hair and makeup artist) worked at the 2015 Brit Awards in London, UK on February 25, 2015 where they met our favorite Brit Jason Statham. Here is what they had to say about meeting him:

Alex: (left picture) Such a lovely guy!

Francesca: (right picture) He was so lovely! Such a gent :) as when i first asked for a picture he was in a bit of a rush and said “i’ll come back” and i thought to myself oh great hes never going to come back to have a picture with me! But he did he came and found me to have a picture!! How lovely :) love him even more than i did before!

Thanks to the both of them for sharing their gorgeous photos with us.


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