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Jason Statham: I’m just looking to do quality work

Coming Soon has posted their full-length interview with Jason Statham in which he reveals a bit more about his “Redemption” aka “Hummingbird” character Joey Jones and also talks about a new heist film in the works.

Jason Statham about his “Redemption” aka “Hummingbird” role: I dunno, I’m just finding different things. Thing is, you can only draw from what the story is asking you to draw from. We’ve all got emotions sitting inside of us. This guy’s more of a troubled, fragile individual. He’s tough, he’s seen some bad things and done some bad things. He’s trying to get away from that and he cannot escape this turmoil, this crap. He’s got this thing in his head, his conscience is just killing him. So he’s down on the streets, he’s cast himself down as a homeless person and thinks that’s the only place for him to be ’cause he can’t live in society. There’s all these things you can sink your teeth into as an actor. He tries to rehabilitate himself and finds that it’s a very dangerous individual he’s created. When he’s sober he does bad things but with good consequences. He’s giving to his estranged daughter and wife, trying to find some justice in the person that killed his close friend who was pregnant with his baby. These are emotional things to think about! As an actor it’s really great to get to have these things, because they’re deep, strong emotional feelings. It’s good. It pushes.

To read the complete interview with our always so humble and down-to-earth Brit, head over to Coming Soon.


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