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*UPDATED* Jason Statham gets recognized for his athletic skills at the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio

Today is Jason Statham’s big day as he will receive an International Sports Hall of Fame Award for his great athletic skills at the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

We will update this post with all new information, photos and videos as they become available, so make sure to check back often.

UPDATE 10:14 AM:

UPDATE 10:30 AM:

We have the first three photos of Jason Statham at the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival this morning.

UPDATE 11:19 AM:

And the photos keep on popping up. Here are a few more of our gorgeous looking Brit.

UPDATE 12:30 PM:

Jason Statham, now in a beautiful suit, is getting ready for the International Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Thanks to SallyAnneTaylor for the photo.

UPDATE 03:12 PM:

Thanks to Muscle & Fitness for the first photo of Jason Statham at the International Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Hopefully more to come later on.

UPDATE 04:13 PM:

Thanks a lot to Gene X Hwang/Orange Photography for sharing their incredible photos of Jason Statham receiving his International Sports Hall of Fame Award with us.

UPDATE 07:06 PM:

If you are hoping to run into Jason Statham at The Arnold Sports Festival, we were told he’s at The Arnold Classic Finals right now.

UPDATE 08:15 PM:

Everyone, here’s the video of the International Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Jason Statham is so great and funny when he gives his speech. He even makes a hair joke. We hope you are all able to watch it.

UPDATE March 7, 2014:

We tried our best and transcribed the speeches of Dr. Robert Goldman, Jason Statham and Arnold Schwarzenegger as accurate as possible from the video above.

Dr. Robert Goldman: Well, I’m super excited about our final inductee for today. When you think Jason Statham – let’s give Jason a big round of applause, we are so excited that he could make it out – you know, when you think of pure athleticism, speed, balance, amazing martial arts skills, and you think of action hero – a real living action hero – Jason Statham is really epitomizing, that’s why he’s moved up to the top. World wide people are just so excited to see him in movies, and the other part about him, he’s not only a global superstar but he’s just a super down-to-earth guy and he’s just such a good, nice person and a giving person and takes the time also to mentor and to teach and that’s what really makes him a true superstar, because it’s not just our own skills but how we share those skills.

He was born in England, he became a member of the British National Diving team, he was one of the top divers in the world, eventually reaching the 12th in the world level. But what’s very exciting to see his career as a movie star and what he is able to do, because this guy does his own stunts. You see it but you can’t believe what you are seeing because this leg is going this way that leg is going in there, twelve guys getting knocked down and they really getting knocked down. “The Expendables” series which Governor Arnold did as well and Randy Couture, “The Fast and Furious” series, “Crank” series which … I like those movies, “The Italian Job,” “Parker,” “The Bank Job,” “Death Race,” “The Mechanic,” he’s got “Mechanic 2” being put in the cooker now, “Blitz,” “Killer Elite,” “Heat,” “Homefront,” “Expendables 3” is out this coming summer.

So, you have somebody who’s not only a superstar in his Hollywood career, and he is a super athlete but also a super amazing guy. Jason Statham, let’s hear it for Jason.

Jason Statham: Well, look at that. Thank you, Dr. Bob, for this amazing award. It really is something special. I just like to pay a big respect to the Weider family, and Arnold in particular, and Frank Cohen, and Lee Haney, because when I was a kid, you know, before I got involved in competitive sport. I used to buy these magazines and I said: “If I could only look like that.” And so I looked to Arnold and went out and bought the weights. My dad had made a weight bench at school, so I used the old weight bench. Trouble is I bought the wrong size of weights – yes, Arnold – I mean, I should have got the bigger ones, right? So that’s the problem. But what I’m trying to say is, I mean, I got inspired by these great sort of people, these heroes of mine and I think that got me into sport and that really sort of paved the way for me to get into movies and all the other stuff. I think everybody here today, these are great inspirations to athletes, and to champions, and just the kids in the street. And I think there’s something really special there. So, nice to be on stage and be part of that great family and thanks again, Dr. Bob.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Jason, you know I’m a big fan of yours, and I think what Bob said about your stunts and all of those things. I was one of them that was very skeptical when I’ve read, I said, you know, Jason is doing his own stunts. I said: “Yeah right!” And then, I was very fortunate to go and be on the set and do “Expendables.” “Expendables 1,” “Expendables 2,” “Expendables 3” and I saw him in action and I said to myself: “I just couldn’t believe it.” Because this guy, there was no stunt guy they are doubling him, there was him there doing all of the action. It was so fast and so furious and so powerful and so believable everything, so congratulation, you ARE a great athlete, and of course, an extraordinary actor, and you have a huge career in front of you. You are going up like … you know skyrocketing as it is already. Of course you have my nephew doing your legal work so that also works, the Schwarzenegger blood is invested in this here. So congratulations. Give him a big hand also.

You can find all photos from the event in our gallery now. We have added many more, so make sure to check them all out. And to celebrate Jason Statham’s special day, we made a wallpaper for you. Enjoy!

Photo Credits: Gene X Hwang/Orange Photography

As for more videos, Muscle Pharm uploaded a recap clip of the whole weekend. Jason Statham appears around the 2:00 mark.

Michael Crohn also uploaded a short video of Jason Statham and Dr. Robert Goldman having a conversation about the event itself.


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