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*UPDATED* Jason Statham gets celebrated at the “Furious 7” trailer launch live event in Los Angeles, California – November 1, 2014

UPDATED November 4, 2014: We FINALLY have the complete “Furious 7” Q&A available on our site and embedded the YouTube video after the jump. Enjoy!

UPDATED: You can rewatch the Q&A at, thanks to Walter for the heads up.

The Road to Furious 7: Trailer Launch Event happened in Los Angeles, California yesterday, November 1, 2014 and was streamed live via E! Online. Many fans came out to see the cast up close and were not disappointed when Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, and Jason Statham walked the black carpet in style, taking photos and signing autographs. Afterwards the cast did a Q&A to talk about the seventh installment and to officially introduce the first trailer.

Our favorite Brit was his humble and charming self when he talked about his character Ian Shaw. “Again it relates back to what the film is all about in the first place. It’s all about family and I’m out to sort of address some damage that was done to my brother. So, it’s got the right heart, it’s got the right motivation,” he said. “Literally when I was filming this – I mean, I’ve done a few action films in my time – this is on another level. The stuff I’ve seen I’m getting in with the cars, it’s so impressive. I really have to say. So to be a part of it is terrific.”

Ludacris about Jason Statham: “I think we have the best challenger, the best villain like we all talking about, the best antagonist of ALL, this guy by the name of Jason Statham,” he raved.

Vin Diesel about Jason Statham: “He is incredible,” he said. “The amount of work that we did for our third act fight sequence, I was just so happy that he was just so gung ho about it and so dedicated to it. It was very rigorous.” “We both walked away with a lot of injuries,” he added. “Nothing permanent.”

Walter from Wallie Tech was among the lucky fans who attended this exciting event and shared his lovely photos of our favorite man with us.

Thanks a lot to all the other kind fans who let us use their gorgeous photos.

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Jason Statham on the red carpet

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Jason shows up at the end of the video for a group shot

Q&A with the cast


18 Comments on “*UPDATED* Jason Statham gets celebrated at the “Furious 7” trailer launch live event in Los Angeles, California – November 1, 2014”

  1. Please!I’m not disappointed!I did love and enjoy the trailer especially because of Paul.Perhaps I will get what exactly I want in the next trailers.Truly he is the most dangerous villain of all time.

    1. Oh, we know. No worries, we just shared our thoughts. It will be a wonderful tribute to Paul. And we wish the media would stop referring to Jason’s character as villain. He’s a guy who lost his brother and is going after the ones responsible for it. It could be the way around and then Toretto and team are the bad ones.

      1. Oh,you’re so right.Shame on me!He is not villain at all,Toretto and his team are.He is just overcome with grief and rancor as a result of his brother’s death and he has to pour it out.

        1. That’s quite alright. We just tried to say that we all have our bad moments in life. No one is innocent, some just act on something they shouldn’t.

    1. You are very welcome, Clare. It was a very exciting day for us on Saturday, and although we were not there, we could relive everything through the many photos and videos shared by those that were on location.

    1. Soon, Iman. We are thankful for your interest and understand your excitement but we still have our own personal lives. But we will work on it step by step.

  2. Thanx so much for posting the whole video.Good job guys!Jason is killing me with that sexy accent of his!And if i hear all the cheering from the ladies in the audience i am not the only one!

    1. Our pleasure, lovely. We are so glad we could make it work and share it with all those that haven’t seen it yet. Haha He doesn’t even need to do anything and the ladies go already wild.

        1. No comment in regards to Tyrese, at least not on here Haha. Jason just has it all, he doesn’t need to pretend or put on a show to get the ladies on his side. He’s a genuine, humble guy and that’s why we all admire him.

  3. It is not clear for me whether he is going to make it out alive or not cause Vin Diesel said they were looking for a form of a villain that has a complex back story which I think refers to the end of “FF6” and then said he is placed to into the future which I think refers to “Furious 7” and the sequel to the story.Any way thank you for embedding the rest of the video.

    1. No problem, Iman. We really wanted the fans from around the world to be able to watch this Q&A with our favorite Brit, so we are happy it worked for you. You paid great attention to what Vin Diesel said and we are hoping that Ian Shaw has a chance to be in the eighth installment as well. Jason will bring so much energy and powerful fighting moves to this franchise and we’d love to learn more about Ian Shaw as a person as well. Let’s hope Vin feels the same way because we know how excited everyone is to have Jason in the seventh installment.

  4. Thanks 4posting this video. I am happy 2see all good actors and actresses in there. They r really looks like family together. i loved it. All of them did a really good job in it. Congrat 4them. Lots of love 4u guys 4 the sharing this video, and lots of love 4them to made this movie 4us. Angel

    1. You are very welcome, Angel. Glad you were able to watch it. It was a great interview, we really enjoyed it and we were thrilled to see Jason being part of it.

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