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*UPDATED* Jason Statham charms at the “Spy” premiere in London, UK

UPDATE May 29, 2015: We have added several more photos and videos.

Jason Statham attended the European premiere of “Spy” at the Odeon Leicester Square in London, UK on May 27, 2015. Thanks to Yahoo’s live stream, people from around the world, including us, were able to be “with” our favorite Brit as he took his usual time and wrote one autograph after another. He also took so many selfies that we thought he was trying to break Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s newly established world record of selfies at a premiere. Watching our favorite Brit interact with his admirers is always so heart-warming because he treats them with nothing but love and appreciation. Enjoy our full coverage of photos and videos along with some adorable stories from fans who met Jason Statham.

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The longest selfie in the history

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If you watched the live stream, you might have seen the two red-headed Italian girls, Valentina and Cristina, who were in for quite a treat when Jason Statham came their way. He took his pose to take a selfie with the two gorgeous girls when one of them had her finger on the lens and couldn’t get it to work. They told us that he was very amused by that and then grabbed the phone and tried to take a selfie with them, which also didn’t work. Instead of moving on, our favorite Brit insisted on taking a photo with them and his representative stepped in and took a really sweet photo of them. Afterwards, Jason told them that this was the longest selfie in the history. Thanks so much to both girls for sharing their awesome photos and really cute story with us.

The first film premiere

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Tanya B-K Stocker (on Facebook) was another lovely woman who attended her first film premiere with her son. It was certainly unforgettable for the both of them because they got to meet Jason Statham. We also spotted them on the live stream (you can see them in the video below) and couldn’t have been happier how much time Jason spent with them. A big thanks also to her for sharing her great photos with us.

Inside the cinema

After Party


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