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Jason Statham at “Audi Night” in Kitzbühel, Austria

Jason Statham attended the “Audi Night” during the Hahnenkamm Ski Race Weekend on January 22, 2016 in Kitzbühel, Austria. He walked the red carpet among other known people, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and actress Gwyneth Paltrow, and according to someone who met him, was the only one who came outside twice to meet the waiting fans in the cold.

Earlier that day our favorite Brit had the privilege to stand in the starting booth for the “Streif” downhill ski race, which is the most challenging event in the Audi FIS Ski World Cup, and did a little photo shoot.

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Special thanks to Sylvain for helping us with some of the photos.


2 Comments on “Jason Statham at “Audi Night” in Kitzbühel, Austria”

  1. I have been watching a different video about all the celebreties arriving at the Audi red karpet. I noticed that Jason is the only one that walks over to the other side of the street to interact with his fans! Never mind scedules or people waiting: he takes time to have a chat with his fans and is even concerned about them standing in the cold! I admire him for his work and the commitment he makes in whatever he is doing. He must also be one of the kindest persons! My respect for this man keeps growing.

    1. So well said, José. We were told by one of the fans who met him that he was the only one who came out twice and it was really cold. He is so sweet with his fans and literally needs to be pulled away from them at times especially at film premieres. Yes, he is incredibly hard working and committed to whatever he does but what really makes him this successful is because his heart is in the right spot and he doesn’t pretend. He seems like such a wonderful person, a true role model and that’s why we love him. He doesn’t put himself above others like so many do who are “famous.”

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