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*UPDATED* Jason Statham arrives at the 2015 SXSW film festival for the premiere of “Spy”

Today is a very exciting day because Paul Feig’s comedy “Spy,” starring Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham, celebrates its premiere at the 2015 SXSW film festival in Austin, Texas. Jason Statham along with the other cast are already there and we have the first few photos for you.

Make sure to check back later as we will update this post throughout the day.

UPDATE 5:45 PM: Alicia Malone was among the interviewers and shared a gorgeous photo of her meeting with Jason Statham and director/writer Paul Feig from earlier today.

UPDATE 6:44 PM: Funny Or Die gave fans the chance to ask their questions to Jason Statham, Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig on Facebook and you can read Jason’s hilarious answers below.

Matthew Grogan: Paul, is Statham as scary as he appears in movies??
Paul Feig: He’s a delightful man. But I wouldn’t get him angry.

Logan Kunzler: Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy what was it like working with each other?
Spy Movie: Jason’s Answer: Susan Cooper is now the new best Bond.

Cecilia Lopez: Jason, how was it to work with Melissa and did she make you laugh a lot?
Spy Movie: Jason’s Answer: Loved every minute of it. I was cracking up everyday.

Greg Robins: Can Melissa take Statham?
Spy Movie: Melissa’s Answer: Yes, I take him on errands all the time.

Dóra Szili: Jason, did you enjoy making comedy instead of action?
Spy Movie: Jason’s Answer: This film has both, so you’re getting double whammy on this one.

Zachary Jarrells: Mr. Statham, was it weird transitioning from purely action to an action-comedy? Also, I think you’re hilarious Melissa McCarthy!
Spy Movie: Jason’s Answer: Not so much weird, but great working with the best of the best with Paul and Melissa.

Carolina Lopez: Can I have an autograph?
Spy Movie: Jason’s Answer: “Jason Statham”

Adam Beans Gunther: Jason please tell me you and Melissa are gonna have a fight scene?!?
Spy Movie: Jason’s Answer: Not giving anything away. See the movie on June 5th.

Yvonne Tran-MacDonald: Paul, Melissa and Jason – What would be your ideal undercover persona?
Spy Movie: Jason’s Answer: A French Poodle
Paul Feig: Melissa McCarthy

Orrin Bertrand: Melissa and Paul, how impressive are your Jason Statham impressions?
Paul Feig: Melissa’s is awesome. Mine not so much. Plus, he’d kill me if he heard it.
Spy Movie: Melissa’s Answer: I think mine’s pretty good. But Jason does not acknowledge my impressions of him.

Will Reyes: Jason how much could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Spy Movie: Jason’s Answer: Not as much as Rick Ford.

Dóra Szili: How did you like to shoot in Budapest?
Spy Movie: Jason’s Answer: Loved it. Great people. Great place to work.
Paul Feig: Fantastic. If you ever get a chance to go, you should. Spring is the best there.

Mariah Johnson: What’s it like working with that british hunk Statham, Melissa?
Spy Movie: Melissa’s Answer: Super dreamy, really sweet and wildly funny.

UPDATE March 16, 2015: We have a lot of coverage from yesterday’s “Spy” premiere at SXSW, so enjoy checking out the many photos and videos we have for you.

Press Junket

UPDATE June 14, 2015: We added another few videos from the SXSW press junket.

Red Carpet



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  1. Hello.I want to ask you when those interviews will upload on youtube.. :) And something else..about Mechanic 2 ,do you know how long took to film this movie,i know they filmed in Thailand but if its impossible to tell me the date.Thank you ”My english is not my native language, so sorry if i made mistakes :D ”

    1. Hey Maria,

      Not sure what you mean by the interviews but all that are available are included in this post.

      “Mechanic: Resurrection” started filming with Jason Statham in Thailand in November 2014 and lasted until the beginning of February. That’s at least the info we have, but the crew might have filmed some other footage in other countries as well.

      And no worries, your English is just fine and we understood everything.

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