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Jason Statham and Vin Diesel get ready for their street fight in “Furious 7”

Universal Pictures has released six “Furious 7” clips to get us ready for April 3, 2015. We already shared the one of Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson confronting each other, and now enjoy the clip that’s leading up to Jason Statham and Vin Diesel’s fierce street fight.

You can check out the other clips here.


11 Comments on “Jason Statham and Vin Diesel get ready for their street fight in “Furious 7””

  1. Remember that Diesel won’t have the smallest chance in a street fight against Jason.If he had I wouldn’t be a massive Jason Statham fan at all.

    1. Unfortunately, Iman, Jason is playing a guy who’s going after Toretto and gang so whether it’s realistic or not, we don’t think he will come out the winner at the end of the film. Although we’d love for him to be in the next one should that be an option.

      1. I meant a street fight in real life.I know he won’t come out winner in the movie but maybe not in his showdown with Diesel otherwise I will get SO furious at Vin Diesel.I can’t stand Jason losing a fight on screen that’s one of the reasons I love him and care about him very much.Hope he won’t play a bad guy anymore So that I won’t get sad very much.

        1. Ah alright. Yes, that makes sense. We know many of Jason’s fans don’t like to see him lose or be the “bad” guy, but it’s a great role for him nonetheless. He gets to show another side and really brings incredibly intensity to the seventh installment. It’s good to see him switch it up.

      1. NEVER!Please stop saying that!His character could be arrested in the middle of a long fight scene by someone like Hobbs with no winner between Shaw and Toretto.
        I hope I won’t have to stage a demonstration against Vin Diesel,Ha ha!

  2. I just won’t be able to dream, let alone see Jason lose to anyone, it will break my heart to see him lose in this movie, as in reality he would just kick Diesel and Rock’s arses!
    Although this movie will help in showing the versatility of Jason Statham’s acting, but I hop he never does a negative role again. This is the second time he tried that, previous being in Cellular!

    1. It always depends on how you look at it. Yes, Jason plays the big, bad brother but that doesn’t mean his role is not gonna be enjoyable just because he is on the other side of the Toretto team. If you think about it, Toretto and gang are not the good guys either and did a lot of bad stuff as well. And Deckard Shaw has his reasons for what he does because of the loss of his brother just like Toretto does. We are really excited to see Jason in this role, it’s a great opportunity for him but we know and understand not everyone looks at it that way.

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