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“High Value Target” poster, starring Jason Statham and Tony Jaa, debuts at 2015 Cannes Film Festival

The first poster of “High Value Target,” starring Jason Statham and Tony Jaa, has debuted at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. Thanks to Collider for the photo on the left.

According to IMDb, the project has been in development since June 2012. Rumors about Jason Statham’s involvement first surfaced back in February, and although there has been no official confirmation, the promotional poster has his name on it for a reason.

What we know so far is that the film is about a crew of highly-skilled, special ops soldiers who face off against an army of Somali pirates. Here are two excerpts from film sources which wrote about the project in 2012:

Variety: The contained actioner is designed to be a potential low-budget franchise described, as “Black Hawk Down” meets “The Raid”.

Inspired by real events, project centers on a multinational hit squad consisting of five elite special ops soldiers who take out a ship of 200 Somali soldier-pirates and capture a high-value target with vital information.

The Wrap: The film, which will also mark [Spenser] Cohen’s directorial debut, chronicles Mantis, a lethal special-operations unit that attacks a boat operated by Somali pirates. In an effort to ramp up the realism, much of the story will be told with point of view cameras attached to members of the unit.

It has been described as “Black Hawk Down” meets “The Raid: Redemption” since the vast majority of the film covers the raid, which transpires in one location — the boat.

In a recent interview with Men’s Health, Jason Statham talked about his film project with Tony Jaa, saying, “We talked about doing a proper fight film where we’re on the same team, and we’ve got a script we’re trying to put together.” Sounds a lot like “High Value Target” to us.


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