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Glen Powell teases “The Expendables 3” scene and reveals “The Statham” diet

In a recent interview with Nylon Guys Magazine, Glen Powell talked about his exciting time while working on “The Expendables 3” and also teased a pretty cool scene from the third installment.

Don’t proceed if you don’t want to be spoiled.

What are some outstanding memories from your experience filming such a huge movie, with a cast including Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford and Sylvester Stallone?

The first day of shooting we filmed a scene where all the Expendables were in the same Apache. I had been cast and jetted off to Bulgaria so quickly that the reality of the situation hadn’t quite sunk in yet. All of a sudden, I was sitting in a helicopter with Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Snipes, Statham, Lundgren, Li, Banderas, and Ford (or as the producer Avi Lerner calls it “the most expensive helicopter of all time”)…and me. Not a day went by on the Expendables set that I didn’t realize I was living out every guy’s dream. Shooting guns and kicking ass with living legends were the reasons I got into the business in the first place. The hardest part was not smiling.

You mention there are some really funny moments in the film. How would you say your character Thorn fit into the scheme of things?

At the beginning of Expendables 3, Barney Ross and his original gang are finally faced with their age and their mortality. They bring in some young guns to replace the old team. My character, Thorn, is the guy who doesn’t play well with others. He’s a genius and adrenaline junkie with way too much time on his hands. An ex-Marine and current con, Barney finds him in Wyoming on probation after he shut down the power grid for Seattle. Thorn is quick to call people out, so the best part is I get to talk trash to some of the biggest action stars of all time. There is a scene where Sly and I are prepping for a mission and the entire scene is just Sly and me talking trash to each other. Sly is really smart and an impressive improvisational trash talker, so I had to try to forget I was verbally abusing Rambo and just go for it and hope that I didn’t get slugged or fired.

Can you share some workout routines and/or diet tips that help keep you in such amazing shape?

If you want to get in shape, the Expendables set is a pretty good place to pick up some tips. Jason Statham was a great mentor in that regard. Jason is all routine and discipline. Baked chicken, Brussels sprouts, and spinach. Everyday. I just went to catering and started asking for “The Statham.”

“The Expendables 3” opens on August 15, 2014 in the US and UK. Team: Hopefully it won’t take much longer for a full-length trailer to be released. We are SO ready for it!


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