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Get your “Spy” on with the first official trailer and poster featuring Jason Statham

Here it is, ladies and gents. Our first good look at Jason Statham in “Spy,” written and directed by Paul Feig. Although our favorite Brit appears only a few short times, he has the best lines and delivers them in a way only he can. We have no doubt that he will shine in this hilarious and well-balanced comedy and so will the rest of this fantastic cast. Bravo!

Red Band Trailer


6 Comments on “Get your “Spy” on with the first official trailer and poster featuring Jason Statham”

    1. Oh believe us, Marita, this made our whole week. He is so gorgeous and brilliant in it, we cant wait to watch the whole film in May.

    1. You are very welcome, Dawn. We can’t stop watching the trailer, it’s just that good and our favorite Brit is simply brilliant in it.

  1. The scenes where Jude Law sneezed and shot the man accidentally and McCarthy lost control of the motorcycle and fell down with it were so funny.Such scenes are absolutely hysterical and enjoyable for me and I wish the trailer showed Jason being clumsy but he delivers his lines the best and his facial expressions are unique and fantastic.The poster is fantastic too.And Paul Feig seems to be a wonderful director as well as a wonderful human being.Love him.I also love the cast of the movie.

    1. Oh yes, also some of our favorite scenes. They weren’t overdone and delivered in a believable and funny way that you can’t help but laugh. But our favorite line is Jason’s when he says, “Okay. Thanks, lunch lady.” Absolutely hilarious and he’s just so convincing in any comedy role he has done so far. We can’t wait to watch the whole film. And Paul Feig has been nothing but super nice to us. He is such a polite and genuine man. And you are right, the cast harmonizes wonderfully.

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